Furniture made in Italy- delivery from Italian factories.


CASSIANI HOME is an Italian company offering luxury Italian furniture and fittings. Here you can buy exclusive Italian furniture, selected from catalogues of well-known companies. Delivery and installation of the furniture you purchase is made according to the agreement with CASSIANI HOME.


My name is INNA CASSIANI, glad to see you on our website!


Our long-term cooperation with many furniture factories in Italy is based on direct partnerships. The furniture you purchase arrives at our warehouse in Italy, where it is fully monitored for compliance with your order. We work without intermediaries, fully officially, with the provision of all the necessary documentation to you.


How can we help you?

Search for furniture and accessories for your home in Italian factories


– We cooperate with the majority of factories in Italy

– We work under the contract, with all closing documents

– Financial evaluation of your project in 3-5 days

– We control the quality of the goods before shipping

– We provide you with a translator from Italian

– We advise you on any topic

More about our services

Delivery of furniture directly from Italian factories to your doorstep


– We ship your order from all factories to our warehouse in Italy

– We negotiate with the transport company

– We help with customs clearance

– We carry out control of compliance with the order

– We control the correct packaging of products

– We deliver the order from our warehouse to your region

More about our services<br />

Furniture from Italy - direct delivery to the customer

Cassiani Home – more than 15 years of successful work


Why work with us?

1. We sell furniture and accessories
from Italian factories


With us you can purchase furniture of absolutely any factory! We actively cooperate with the majority of furniture factories in Italy, which currently numbers more than one and a half thousand. In addition, with us you can buy Italian chandeliers, tiles, plumbing, home appliances and accessories for the home.

2. We organize a tour of all furniture factories in Italy


The long-term cooperation of our company with Italian factories gives us free entry to creative workshops and production divisions. You can see for yourself how real furniture works are made, choose finishing materials on site and make the final choice in favor of one of the factories. We guarantee our buyers origin of the furniture being purchased, which is confirmed by the manufacturer’s certificate.

3. Real Italian furniture at the best prices


In addition to all the advantages, our agency provides a unique opportunity to purchase original Italian furniture at the most favorable price.

4. We carry out projects- “Turnkey House”


We offer to work on the principle of “turnkey house” – we will help in the selection of models, order, import and install furniture and the rest of the equipment, based on your project, in compliance with contractual obligations.

Italian factories

Leading Italian Furniture Manufacturers

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